FRP Bypass APK Download for Android 2020 [Steps Included]

FRP bypass apk samsung pangu

After Android Lollipop 5.0 update Google introduced Factory Reset Protection which helps the users to protect their data if the device is stolen.

This feature has many benefits, but many people faced issues like they forgot their Google Account Credential after Hard Reset of their Android Device.

Every problem has a solution in this Era of the Internet!

There are many FRP Bypass Tools have been introduced for Android Devices which works great! This tutorial can also be used to bypass Samsung pangu or custom binary blocked by frp lock

Today, you’ll get to download the latest FRP Bypass APK for Android devices with simple steps which will guide you easily.

If you’re reading this post, then most probably your Android Device is locked and you want to Bypass Factory Reset Protection. Right? If yes, keep reading!

FRP Bypass APK For Android (2020)

In simple words, FRP is a protection measure used on Android Devices that prevent the stolen or lost devices from being used. You can say, it protects your data and files and no one else can use it.

This seems to be very beneficial for an Android User but many people got troubled due to this and want to deactivate this Security Lock on their android phones. To do this, you need to Download FRP Bypass APK and follow the step by step guide given below.

It will help you to disable the lock completely!

FRP Bypass APK Download For Android

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How To Bypass FRP? (Step-By-Step Guide)

By following these steps, you can easily bypass Samsung google account verification app apk or bypass Factory Reset Protection in case you have lost your phone/someone stolen your phone, or you lost the login credentials of your account.

Before following these steps, make sure you have these things available:

  • PC
  • USB Drive
  • OTG Cable
    These three are the main requirements if you want to bypass any samsung google account lock You can follow these steps given below,

When you have acquired these 3 things you can do this:

  • Download the FRP Bypass APK File on your PC.
  • Transfer the file to USB Drive.
  • Connect the USB Drive with OTG Cable.

Now, follow these 11 simple steps (tutorial) which will be very helpful to you!

Step #1. The first step is to Download the FRP Bypass APK from the above-given Download Button in the post.

Step #2. After downloading the APK File, copy it to your USB Drive.

Step #3. Now start the Android Device for which you want to bypass FRP.

Step #4. The bypass Factory Reset Protection screen will be opened, and it will ask for your Google Account Credentials.

Step #5. But probably you didn’t remember the email and password, that’s why you’re reading this tutorial. So, keep reading!

Step #6. Now connect the USB Drive with OTG Cable to your Android Device.

Step #7. The file manager will be opened, now open the APK File which you downloaded.

Step #8. Now, try installing the APK File! But it will not get installed because of Unknown Sources.

Step #9. Go to settings and turn on Unknown Sources, Now you can install Unknown Sources files easily.

Step #10. The APK File will get installed. Now open the app.

Step #11. Scroll down and click on Backup and Reset, Tap on Factory Reset and confirm.

FRP bypass apk samsung pangu

If you have followed these 11 steps, then most probably you have bypassed Factory Reset Protection on your Android Phone. When you restart your device, it will ask you to put your Google Account, but you can skip the process.

You can downgrade your android version if you want to avoid this security lock. This is available on Android 5.0, Marshmallow, and Nougat.

So, if none of the methods works, the only way is to downgrade the Android Version.

Factory Reset Protection Bypass [FAQs]

Q. Can I bypass FRP on any phone other than Samsung?

A. Yes, the FRP Bypass Method also known as google verification bypass shared here works on all types of Android Devices (Samsung isn’t a compulsion).

Q. Is this FRP Bypass APK free to use?

A. Yes. it is a free application where you need not pay anything. So, yes, it is 100% FREE to use.

Q. Is this APK File Safe to Use?

A. Yes, this is 100% safe method, many people all over the world are using this App to Bypass this security lock on their Android devices. So, yes you can use it without any worry!

Q. How FRP Bypass APK is useful?

A. Many people use Android smartphones, and it becomes a headache because of Factory Reset Protection (A security lock by Google) when they reset their phone, the device gets stolen/lost, using a second-hand device etc. So, using this APK file helps you to bypass this security lock and live a stressless life.

Q. Can we bypass any samsung google account lock using this apk free download?

A. Yes, you can bypass any samsung account lock using this APK and it will help you the best instead of paying to get FRP unlocked from other sites.

Q. How long does it take to bypass FRP?

A. Normally, it takes few minutes after downloading the APK File depending on how you’re doing this. On an average 5 minutes, it takes!

FRP security lock is a common issue among Android Users, and today we’ve bypassed it with these simple steps. Here we told you “What is FRP” with the download link to “FRP APK File For Android” and Step-By-Step tutorial of installing and bypassing the Factory Reset Protection lock easily.

If this tutorial worked for you, then don’t forget to leave your feedback below and share it with your friends and colleagues (It may be useful for them).

If you have any kind issues or you are facing any problem with the Download Link then leave a comment below and we will get back to you ASAP with a quick solution.